Pie-eating goalkeeper Wayne Shaw resigns from Sutton Utd

Pie-eating goalkeeper Wayne Shaw resigns from Sutton Utd


Wayne Shaw agrees to leave Sutton Utd after investigations are opened into his pie eating during the club’s game against Arsenal.

The reserve goalkeeper admitted he knew Sun Bets were offering 8-1 odds on him eating the pastry prompting the Gambling Commission and the Football Association to look into whether the incident broke any rules.

Sutton United manager Paul Doswell told Sky News he had asked Shaw to leave the club and he had agreed.

Nicknamed the ‘Roly Poly Goalie’ because of his 20st weight, 46-year-old Shaw was also employed as part of the coaching team.

Mr Doswell said: “It’s been very disappointing. There’s no doubt about that. I woke up this morning to this storm of criticism. It’s something we’ve dealt with very quickly.

“Wayne, himself, has offered his resignation to the chairman this afternoon and it’s been accepted. It’s a very sad end to what has been a good story.

“The club were very disappointed in the way that we had been portrayed, from the 82nd minute onwards and we were very concerned with the implications at the club, for myself and my assistant Ian Bird and whoever would have been involved in that decision making.

“It’s clear in FA rules you are not allowed to bet and whether it was a fun bet or whatever it was it wasn’t acceptable.”

He added that he expects investigations by the FA and the Gambling Commission to continue but the club management have to distance themselves from what happened.

He said: “It was an honest error but one that has had quite sad ramifications. I think Wayne has been swept along with what’s happened in these last three or four weeks.

“I think he’s been ill advised at times. He’s such a lovely man but his judgement was not great last night and I think he’s going to pay the price for it.”

“He’s absolutely devastated. Tears down the phone this afternoon. There’s no joy or something good coming out of this particular situation for him.”

The resignation and scandal surrounding the knowledge of the odds were a sad end to what was a remarkable run for the non-league south London club.

Sutton United reached the fifth round of the world’s oldest football knockout and netted them an estimated £1m.


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