Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Nike Deal Could Turn the Ballon d’Or Holder Into a Billionaire


    With the amount of money that China are throwing around into the footballing world at the moment, it’s easy to see why so many heads are being turned. Cristiano Ronaldo, however, is proving that if you’re good enough, you can earn astronomical sums of money, and still keep your dignity.

     The four-time Ballon d’Or winner can boast a remarkable CV. The man has won everything you can in both England and Spain, including three Champions League titles, not to mention Euro 2016. How could you possibly add to that?

    Nike have the answer. Make him absolutely, out of this world, dirty stinking rich. According to ​The Sport Bible, Nike are set to offer Ronaldo an eye watering an £800m sponsorship deal.

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Nike Deal Could Turn the Ballon d’Or Holder Into a Billionaire

    initially, that figure sounds crazy. How could Nike possibly benefit from that? When you crunch some numbers, it oddly makes sense

    Throughout 2016, Ronaldo made £442m for the sportswear powerhouse, simply by posting their products on his social media accounts.

    In total, 1,703 posts were made by Ronaldo’s accounts last year, generating a staggering 447 million total interactions.

    When a man has 260 million followers spanning across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, stats like that become a bit more understandable.

    These posts were observed by media tool, Hookit, which claims that Ronaldo’s activity made a little under half a billion pounds for Nike last year.

    With the Portuguese forward raking in numbers like that, its easy to see why Nike would be so keen to tie him down.

    With the reported £800m deal, which would see Ronaldo sign a lifetime contract with the company, added to his current net worth (£225m), the former Man United man could potentially become a billionaire.


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